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The very first reminder on this subject is that God is communicating.


Knowing any person is a composite of things shared (e.g., dialogue, values, experiences, friends, hobbies)   Likewise we know God through everything shared (e.g., creation, conscience, Christ, Christians, charisms, etc.)

Lovers get it the most, especially those that go far enough to let God impregnate them.

The resulting life, powers the best effects:   joy, generosity, peace, cool, self-forgetfulness, miracles, mercy, purity, self-control, harmony, forgiveness, hope, humility, unity, patience, honesty, service, etc. — God's character qualities!   This fruit, cultivated over time, confirms we're in the vine.

You come seeking My insight, yet I say to you I am your all in all—I am already in all you do and say.  You never have to look for My direction and grace for didn't I promise I would never leave you or forsake you?  Do not increase your fretting trying to find Me or seek additional directions.  I know what you need when you need it, and exactly what you need it for.

I would long that you merely seek the rest of coming into and being in My presence.  It is there we can commune—where you will find peace, joy, wisdom, healing, direction—anything of the abundance of My flow in your life.  Often it is when you strive to hear from Me that you will miss out on what I want to say.  I always long to connect at the inner depths and it is a challenge for you to hear Me when you exert the control and are not a surrendered vessel, open to My truth, My light.

Do what it takes in the natural for you to find peace for I am never too far from My created world that you cannot find Me there.  Sometimes a walk, or a drive or some other less concentrated act can bring you to the door of our communing.  Go there if need be.  For every prayer time is simply the time where I desire to connect to you intimately, My beloved.

I always want our times together to go both ways for though you have much to say to Me, I have so much more I long to impart in you to bring you deeply to the place of being like Jesus, to share in this awesome love of the Trinity that knows no limit.  I have a waterfall of love for you, of the riches of My grace—every time we commune—which is all the time, but, in our more intimate times together in prayer, praise and worship, I want you to know it, to sense it, to feel it, experience it—to know the love of God which surpasses all human understanding.  Then, you will know I am a real and present God, alive and well and as close as your heart.  Others will see this in you and will desire what you are.  Share with them your good news and let us work together to share the Kingdom of My love.

The words above are an example of a direct message received by my good friend Dan.  The messages usually arrive during worship, in first-person, which is how other friends of mine also get them.  Hard to believe?   Read on!  See the next page, Charismatic Gifts.

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.
John 10:28