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Laying on Hands Lecture

I became tired of hearing my friend Kelli Fitzgerald relate to me supernatural occurrences, without other people getting to hear them too.

So we arranged to have this great collection of testimonies given around a fire pit social at:
The Upper Room Fellowship (9/30/11).

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Note that in the first story, she tells how the Lord gives her a vision of the dog I had in high school, without having any previous info, even including specifics like the name ("Kelly" -- ironically).  This was a corporeal vision (as Augustine called them) where she could actually physically see and hear the cocker spaniel in the room.

Why would God give something like this? It represented to me unconditional appreciation. (I already figured the dog was in Heaven!)

Table of Contents

The audio lecture referenced in story #5 is from Constania Hooker's talk on
Inner Healing

Anointed Gifts

Why are there so few miracles in the midst of the Body?  I am a God of miracles, one who can bring change instantaneously to a situation, bringing with it a manifestation of power that levels the ground like a mighty storm.

I AM.  I am the God of awesome reality, the God who encompasses all of this universe, all resources; but they pale compared to the limitless resources this side of eternity.  And I can bring all that to bear on the Body.  

Do you not believe in My awesome power?  Why do you hold back?  There is nothing difficult for Me.  I am wisdom.  I am light.  The minute My light shines forth, all things are made new.  

And this I make available to you today, right now.  Do not squander this anointed gift for it will show the world that Jesus Christ is a living God and He still walks among His people, showing love, life, hope, peace, renewal, and strength.

Live as if you meant it.

Then Jesus said to her, “Woman, you have great faith!
Your request is granted.”
Matthew 15:28