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Male Initiation

You may enjoy Fr. Richard Rohr's lecture on Male Initiation, a very interesting talk on the nature of men that explains a lot about the America's massive male extended adolescence.

It can remind you of the great epics like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, etc. -- where the hero has to cross the threshold and not look back.  See below.

Pass along to someone who may like it.

Male Initiation
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It's on YouTube in several sections, so here I've pieced it together into one file and enhanced the sound.  (It's only 31 mins.)

Interesting Insights

Mission of an Adult

I am calling you to a maturity in your Christian life necessary to fulfill the wonderful plans I have set for you. "When you were a child, you talked, thought, and reasoned like a child.  When you became a man, you put childish ways behind you" (I Cor 13:11).
Have you put your childish ways behind you yet?   How often do you still seek your own way, not Mine?  To whom does vengeance belong?  (Romans 12:19)  Do 'the lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life' still dominate much of your world?  (1 John 2:16)  Do you freely and immediately forgive others as I have forgiven you? (Luke 6:37)  Is My Word alive in your heart enough to truly be 'a lamp unto your feet'?   (Psalm 119:105)

You would not send a child out to do the mission of an adult.  Nor will I.  I give you the tools of perfecting your way--My Spirit, My Word, My spiritual gifts covered in My love and grace.  They are yours for the asking with the submission of your heart to My will. 

Do you not realize, your life is passing away as it is but 'a breeze that does not return'? (Psalm 78:39)  Spend it wisely.  See and live what I have for you.  Drink it in.  All of it. 

I never hold back toward My people whom I love.  Do not hold back either.  Open your heart to receive what I have for you.  Let My plan unfold graciously in your life.  Take it in and pour it out to everyone whether they "deserve" it or not.  Be Christ to one another.  Become the Father to those in need.  Let My Holy Spirit live in you today.

But solid food is for the mature,
who by constant use have trained themselves
to distinguish good from evil.

Hebrews 5:14