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Redemptive Gifts

This is an amazing topic. Each person has a natural temperament, and also a supernatural temperament.  Surprise!

Natural temperaments can be described with Personality types tests; however we also have supernatural temperaments—sometimes called "redemptive gifts" or "motivational gifts."

The former describe the soul; the latter describe the spirit.


The seven Redemptive Gifts are from Romans 12:6-8:

Select the titles above to hear good recordings from Arthur Burk, that speak right to your spirit.  Start with the one that best resembles you.  (They are free from his site, but I have edited them together by temperament for your convenience.)


Note 1

This is not just another list. It is the recognition that lists of seven are all over the Bible and creation.


And when we compare them we see parallel "flavors."  

You could think of it each person having all the seven colors of the rainbow of God's light; but one color tends to be prominent. That's your supernatural temperament.

The ordering of all the colors of light in your spirit depends on the art God is doing in you.

Note 2:  You have all the gifts

In the same way that ee all have all the colors, but one is brightest, each person has access to all the charisms (e.g., visions, prophecy, healing), but in a particular order; so also each person has all the supernatural temperaments, but in a preferred order. That's all this is, but it gives us really big insights into people.

Note 3:  Contrast with charismatic gifts

Sometimes these lists are confused together.  For example, Mother Theresa received a prophetic message to fulfill her mercy temperament, because she has a Servant redemptive gift.  

In other words, a prophet is a redemptive gift temperament; and prophecy is a charismatic gift.

We all have a prophetic gift, but a prophet is one who has prophecy as their first, best, easiest gift.

Note 4: Blessings and curses

A supearnatural curse comes in when we try to achieve our supearnatural blesssings using our natural strength.  Wheras the blessing comes supernaturally by allowing God to shine through your temperament, like light through stained glass.  

Here are many specs on this:

Redemptive Gifts Chart -- PDF summary from Arthur Burk
Redemptive Gifts Description -- PDF from Cornerstone
Redemptive Gifts Detailed -- PDF from Arthur Burk
Redemptive Gifts Pros/Cons-- PDF from House of Healing Ministries

One Body

And all I have for you is freely given.  Therefore, it is incumbent on you that you freely receive, for you cannot give thanks for that which you have not received.  Freely I give, for My supply is infinite.

And most important, I give you My love, the greatest gift I can give you, for it opens the door to you and I becoming one body, one Spirit. 

None of My giving is earned—it comes from My essence in the day that I first formed you in perfect love, knowing I would never leave you abandoned or forsaken.

Each one belongs to all the others.
Rom 12:4-5