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Unlocking Breakthroughs

Is there an area of life that feels "stuck"?

Two friends of mine, Bruce and Jean Hammond, founded Destiny Manifest Ministries and they do an excellent job of getting to the root of the issue.  Often there's an unconscious, unresolved aspect that hasn't been fully brought to God.

They are very approachable.  Hear my YouTube interview with them below. It's intriguing.

Interview on YouTube
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They are available for Skype sessions.  Perhaps give them a phone call first if that's easier (the number/email is listed at link above), and perhaeps consider startiing with a 1/2 hour session. Tell them I sent you.  

They're both very approachable, and have incrediable prophetic gifts to help see where to release the healing.

For some fascinating insights into what they do, please listen to my interview with them, which I think you'll find intriguing.  

The audio is available as a downloadable MP3, or via YouTube (sound only).

In addition, You can hear the audio from a lecture given at The Upper Room Fellowship (TURF) on 11/19/15.  The recording quality is a little lower, but it's still a good listen.


I am the God of the breakthrough. Of your breakthrough.

Faith reaches out to Me, beyond the circumstance of your days. You are all only the poorest of mortal beings when you bypass the avenue of faith and trust that leads back to My awesome presence, where all troubles and fears melt away. I know it is hard and difficult for you to attempt to see who I really am and how I control this universe. But I have tried to assure you that you need not understand it, only believe in the fact that I control it in a loving realm.

Your Christian life is a breakthrough, a celebration, a victory, a light in the darkness, for in Me, your Savior, there is only rejoicing. I am beyond it all and from where I see it, you could not be in a better place. And with faith and belief as your guide, you can join Me in this satisfying presence that knows only peace. And, yes, you are free to come and escape to your peace.

Then Jesus said to her, “Woman, you have great faith!
Your request is granted.”
Matthew 15:28