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The Voice of God

Everyone hears God.  But within (often lying dormant), you also have a special, enhanced ability to receive more direct personal revelation ("prophecy"), which is a legitimate, active, modern gift. 

Broadly speaking, everyone has some form of it, as a conscience amplifier.  However, more specifically, the word "prophecy" often refers to direct revelation.  If it's a regular occurence we say the person has a prophetic charism—examples from friends pepper this site, like below.  But first note:

  1. A prophecy (broad or specific) may be a future prediction, but is not normally, just as in the Bible.  In Greek a prophet is simply "one who speaks for another"; literally "mouth".
  2. Modern private prophecy does not add to Bible's public revelation, but simply lights up a particular part needed for a situation.  If the Bible were a DVD; the Holy Spirit would be the laser illuminating a specific part, right on time.
  3. The messages feel like your own thoughts, yet don't sound like you originated them.  You are "spoken to".  The mind can change the interpretation, but not the actual content.  The message may be received vividly (e.g., in first-person).  Direct prophecy is not vague; it is testable.
  4. Typically one has to actively pursue God for it by waiting during worship. The hungry are rewarded.  For more, see Receiving Charismatic Gifts

An example from a good friend is below.  Enjoy!

You have no idea to the degree I'm connected to you.   If you did, you'd be hilariously joyful and peaceful.   Don't you know I'm connected to you in a way that guides your every step?   I am there; I am here.   I am with you and in you, no more so than in others, but I see you, and speak to you and through you.   Find as you yield your way that life is less trouble, easier, as I'm leading the way toward greener pastures.

Your current circumstance bears little, if any, resemblance to where you're headed.   I have great plans, a future and a hope.   You must face the wind for now.  Bear up.   Be bold and strong in My love, for I have not forgotten nor forsaken.  Never have, never will.   Trust more.   Look to Me in doubts and fears.  Always look this way—it is My light that shows the way, the path to abundant life.  But the price is your life as you know it.  Are you ready and willing to surrender the average to Me for more of My life for you?   I am God. Remember that.   What can man do against My plans in a surrendered vessel, ready and willing to serve My kingdom?   You will not always go away in despair and hopelessness.   This is not the life I've chosen for My beloved.

There is immense joy behind this wall of the natural.   If only you knew and could trust when I tell you what's there.   I am in control—is that not enough to rejoice in?  God, the one who made it all, who makes it all happen with perfect rhyme and reason.   Do you believe chaos has a place in the plans for My people?   Nothing is haphazard, nothing without a reason and a purpose.   I am ever working My ways in and through you.  You are vital to My call in this universe.   Let Me take it up for you.   Let us run together and flee the ways of the past.  Await, victory comes in the morning of My light.  Live on!

Follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts,
especially the gift of prophecy.
I Corinthians 14:1