Love of God Podcast Personalities

4 Temperaments

ESTJ Guardian (SJ) - Security
ISTJ Guardian (SJ) - Security
ESFJ Guardian (SJ) - Security
ISFJ Guardian (SJ) - Security
ENTJ Rational (NT) - Knowledge
ENTP Rational (NT) - Knowledge
INTJ Rational (NT) - Knowledge
INTP Rational (NT) - Knowledge
ESTP Artisan (SP) - Sensation
ISFP Artisan (SP) - Sensation
ESFP Artisan (SP) - Sensation
ISTP Artisan (SP) - Sensation
ENFJ Idealist (NF) - Identity
INFJ Idealist (NF) - Identity
ENFP Idealist (NF) - Identity
INFP Idealist (NF) - Identity

Psychologist David Keirsey renamed the temperaments from:
melancholic to Guardian (SJ)
choleric to Rational (NT)
sanguine to Artisan (SP)
phlegmatic to Idealist (NF) 

Temperament Comparisons

  Guardian Rational Artisan Idealist
Temperament SJ NT SP NF
Percentage 46% 15% 22% 17%
Humour Melancholic Choleric Sanguine Phlegmatic
Transcendental Goodness Truth Beauty Oneness
Soul Will Intellect Emotions Harmony
Greek Epimetheus Prometheus Dionysius Apollo
Spirituality Ignatius Aquinas Francis Augustine
Description Hindsight Foresight Drink Wine Sky Reach
Time Past Future Present Eternity
Management Stabilizer Visionary Fire Fighter Energizer
Chemical Serotonin Testosterone Dopamine Estrogen
Salutation Help Yer welcome Please Sorry
Outlook Pessimist Realist Optimist Idealist
Disorder OCD ADD ADHD Perfectionism
Reactions Slow Fast Fast Slow
Responses Lasting Lasting Fades Fades
Presence Background Foreground Foreground Background
People/Tasks Tasks Tasks People People
Season Autumn Summer Spring Winter
Humour Cold/dry Hot/dry Warm/moist Cool/moist
Greek fluid Black Bile Yellow Bile Blood Phlegm
Element Earth Fire Air Water
Beatle George John Paul Ringo
Star Trek Kirk Spock McCoy Enterprise
LOTR Aragorn Gandolf Frodo Fellowship
Wizard of Oz Tin Man Scarecrow Lion Dorothy
Gary Smalley Beaver Lion Otter Golden Retrvr
DISC vid/audio Steadfast Dominance Influencer Concientious
Divine office Priest Prophet King Messiah (all)
Gospel Luke Matthew Mark John
Gospel symbol Winged-Ox Winged-Man Winged-Lion Eagle
Godhead Son Father Spirit Trinity

Note: Myers-Briggs vs. Jung

The 16 personality types are divided into 4 temperaments from Myers-Briggs (shown above), and were divided into by Jung into 4 function groups.

Myers Briggs studies the "Why"; Jung studies a type's doing (What and When); so MB is more about the core goal and Jung is more about how.

Jung's version is more complicated, but if inclined, see Jungian Functions